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** Covid-19 Restrictions. PC Techniques continues to work during the current crisis by utilising Remote Desktop, Telephone Support and Offsite Repair methods.

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1 to 1 Personal Tuition

Ordinarily, learning new I.T. skills involved attending courses at a training Centre or College which often is inconvenient for some people or impractical for others.

Also a newbie is unfamiliar with the PC's at Training Centres because of differences in the installed programs and Windows version on the PC.

You would be also tied to their schedules for training sessions which may be difficult for you to attend due to commitments.

This can make learning more complex than it would be on your own device or PC that you are familiar with.

So instead I provide tuition on your own PC or device at your home or another location.

This way you have 1 to 1 attention and gain confidence by learning at your own pace!

'Ask me for Free':- Because I offer you 'Free Time' of up to 15 minutes for assessing how we can help, you can relax while we discuss your needs, without obligation!

Lets Chat on 0757 900 1747, Text or email and I will call you.

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DBS Certificate Holder


"I’ve found my own technical emergencies operative or a ‘paratechnic’.
Greg provides a cornucopia of expert professional advice -
his fluency in the language of the digital age is deeply reassuring for those of us who do not understand the vocabulary of this new language. He provides prompt help in a COVID safe manner".

Many 🙏 Joanna


"We have used their services for both our businesses and always received prompt, efficient & friendly service at a fair price." Lief Financial Services & Village Therapies - Whiteshill.


Thank you so much for your help in saving my computer after the “blue screen of death” appeared ... for repairing my laptop and getting it running like silk better than it has been for the last year or so. - In appreciation Louise.


"I'm blind and use a screen reading system to access my computer. Greg Dance was recommended to me by another blind person, as he has learned about speech systems, an area in which he specialises. I find him extremely helpful, patient, thorough and reliable. He's really helped me to get the most out of my computer, and I'm very grateful for all that he's done." - MK Nailsworth Glos.




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