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GDPR in the News 25-5-2018

BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning presented Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham who when asked of how small organisations & businesses might be affected by GDPR sought to reassure listeners that 25-5-18 isn't like a guillotine date after which small businesses might shudder in fear at the thought of stepping over a nearly invisible data line. Far from it.

She said that GDPR is predominately aimed at larger 'data intensive' organisations and that any of those about whom complaints are made might be investigated by the ICO for breaches in GDPR regulations.

She said that most small businesses only need to be aware of the regulations requirements as approptiate to them, and be able to show that they have taken any appropriate precautionary steps to protect personal data they hold, process or transfer to other parties.

No investigations of any worrying magnitude are likely unless an organisation has behaved with gross negligence and / or ignorance of GDPR requirements.

Seems fair enough to me!

My suggestions for this would include;

- Encryption of data stored on any portable device (laptops, notebooks, Smartphones or Smartpads, USB Data Sticks or Disk Drives, Desktop PC's or NAS/Server storage volumes.

- Strong passwords to access those data stores above including 2 stage authentication.

- Password protecting documents sent out electronically containing personal data.

- Keeping any written password records out of sight and preferably not near to the device on which they are used.

- Review the number and status of staff with access to personal data on your systems, most breaches of privacy occur from inside organisations, not from without.

Elizabeth Denham concluded by saying that the ICO do not certify 'specialists' who seek to advise businesses on GDPR and that for the needs of most businesses the ICO website has all the information on it you might need on it for free download! 

I am very happy to visit you to for an informal chat on GDPR or other related matters and would only charge my standard rates for the visit.
This is subject to you accepting that I am not a legal expert but have much technical and life experience to call upon which I expect to be plentifullly sufficient for most needs!

Do give me a call 0757 9001747 or email

Quick Bytes News

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