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Greg has worked in I.T since 1998, in the NHS, Education and commercial settings which included Hospitals, GP Clinics, Secondary and Primary schools, Manufacturing Industry and local businesses and charities.


PC and laptop installation/configuration, Windows Upgrades, Repairs. Broadband & Wifi Troubleshooting & set-up, Hardware Repairs & reconfigurations. Broadband Troubleshooting and Phone Line fault identification.

LAN cabling and Wireless set-up.

Digital projectors and Smart / Class Boards.

Domain and peer networking, RM CC3 Administrator (qualified), SchoolShare and WindowBox, Windows Servers, MS Exchange, WIFi, Smartboard/Classboards, Sophos E.M, P.A.T testing.

Technical advisor to Head Teachers and I.T Co-ordinators.

Supervised H&S & W.E.E.E requirements.

I believe that people now seek better accountability from their service providers which is best served by a local provider who may be more reliant on reputation than from a provider offering services from a remote call or service centre.

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1) "We have used their services for both our businesses and always received prompt, efficient & friendly service at a fair price." Lief Financial Services & Village Therapies - Whiteshill.


2) Thank you so much for your help in saving my computer after the “blue screen of death” appeared ... for repairing my laptop and getting it running like silk better than it has been for the last year or so. - In appreciation Louise.


3) "I'm blind and use a screen reading system to access my computer. Greg Dance was recommended to me by another blind person, as he has learned about speech systems, an area in which he specialises. I find him extremely helpful, patient, thorough and reliable. He's really helped me to get the most out of my computer, and I'm very grateful for all that he's done." - MK Nailsworth Glos.


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