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I.T System Repairs are more effective when done where the device is normally used.

PC Techniques will visit and repair your PC, Network or advise you on Broadband / Phone line faults at your home or office.

This helps to achieve accurate results with fault repairs because the devices are connected together so can be fully tested in situ.

Also following the completion of repairs we then perform a live test of the system when fully connected!

Broadband & Line Faults

For broadband or network (inc WiFi) repairs or reconfigurations it is a common experience of customers for service providers for different parts of the service to play a game of "blame tennis" with eath other through the customer. This wastes a considerable amount of your time and effort.

It often causes time off work where you are waiting in for a line engineer and you may be sent a bill for an abortive visit if the fault proves to be beyond the BT test socket point.

Does your Internet Service Provider scare you when you try to report a problem with your broadband service or phone line? If an OpenReach engineer visit becomes the next course of action, their support agent will try very hard to get you to commit to pay a large fee should the OpenReach engineer not find a fault in their own line or equipment.

I have BT engineering experience as a field engineer and so can liaise with them on your behalf so can quickly narrow down the likely cause(s) of issues. This can make line fault repair lead times much shorter, as I already know the "tech speak" and can cut through the exhaustive testing routines.

Repair Shops

If your PC is disconnected and fixed off site this can be complicated because the fault can be with a peripheral device (a router, network switch, printer etc) not necessarily in the PC.

If you take it to a repair shop and the fault still exists you will have wasted your time and fuel and experienced considerable inconvenience and cost.

So you could face a bill at the repair shop and then another bill if the problem persists because of a peripheral device problem.

Ring me for a chat on 0757 900 1747, text or email us and I we will call you back.

'Ask me for Free':- Because I offer you 'Free Time' of up to 30 minutes for assessing how we can help, you can relax while we discuss your needs, without obligation!

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1) "We have used their services for both our businesses and always received prompt, efficient & friendly service at a fair price." Lief Financial Services & Village Therapies - Whiteshill.

2) Thank you so much for your help in saving my computer after the “blue screen of death” appeared ... for repairing my laptop and getting it running like silk better than it has been for the last year or so. - In appreciation Louise.

3) "I'm blind and use a screen reading system to access my computer. Greg Dance was recommended to me by another blind person, as he has learned about speech systems, an area in which he specialises. I find him extremely helpful, patient, thorough and reliable. He's really helped me to get the most out of my computer, and I'm very grateful for all that he's done." - MK Nailsworth Glos.

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