PC-Techniques Covid-19 Protocol

The PC Techniques Response (Updated 25 March 2020l

The phrase 'turbulent times' has become as adequate as a water pistol against a forest fire so I won't use it, covid-19 has changed the much of the working landscape, in common with almost every other landscape.

So I will apply new ways of business practice that I expect will contribute to increased hygiene standards as part of my work, and so prevent the transmission of infectious organisms.

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Remote Working

Remote Working - My first approach is to offer a remote connection into your device (if this is possible) to do the work. This can be useful for devices that are still functioning reasonably well, and where the broadband connection is working satisfactorily.

Should this not be possible and if it can be repaired off site, and returned (either by my collecting it or by you delivering it to me), then this will be offered.

Transfer of Your Device(s) for me to Repair Offsite

I will ask that when handing over a device to me you ensure that it has been wiped thoroughly using a dampened cloth that has been soaked in an approved anti-microbial solution such as diluted bleach to neutralise anything on it. please do this carefully in accordance with manufacturers instructions for cleaning. This is especially important for 'smart phones', pads/tablets that are hand held in normal use, and also for keyboards or mice.

During transfer I will need to maintain the recommended 2 metres distancing.

When returning it I will apply the same above protocol.

Site Visits

Sorry but the latest government line on this is that I cannot offer to visit to repair and so have to withdraw this service until the emergency allows it to resume.

I will keep these protocols under review as the situation develops, and as could be anticipated in the current emergency, and due to the non availability of a proven testing method I cannot currently offer any guarantee of non transmission of the virus.

Thank you and please keep well!

Greg Dance.

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