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No More Missed Backups!

Stroud Cloud is designed to ensure that your Vital Data is automatically and securely stored, and only locally.

  • Locally stored and only you can read its contents.
  • Your data is encrypted before leaving your PC.
  • Data is stored locally so is protected under UK laws.
  • Its very Affordable.

It's Safe and Securely Stored only in Stroud

Your data is encrypted before it is sent from your location and only you will hold the encryption key, so no one else can read your data, even if they somehow got hold of it!

A Total Loss wouldn't be Possible

Fires, Thefts, Floods or Ransomeware cannot harm your backed up data if its stored with Stroud Cloud.

Because its stored in multiple data sets you are protected from damage that could be caused by corruption (possibly by malware or system failure) which then over writes a good copy.

(This counters threats from Ransome Malware.)

Backups are Scheduled to Suit You

Incremental and Full data sets are produced by your PC or Laptop (when its on), encrypted and compressed and sent all automatically to us for storage.

Schedules are determined by you so we cover any compliance requirements you have.

Recovering Your Data is Fast!

You can download your data via broadband, or if this is not fast enough (maybe you have a large data set or slow broadband), we can deliver it to you via portable media. *

You can have your data brought to you and restored at USB3 speed

* This option is chargeable at normal hourly rates during normal hours of business, but do ask if special arrangements are required, we will always do our best to help!

This is liklely to be faster for larger data retrievals than broadband.

You can manage your own data store, so you decide what to keep stored and what to remove through your own browser.


Backup Client Software Setup - includes encryption, consultation on and setup of a backup schedule, setup & testing PLUS the first year of Storage Quota (25Gb).

(Note:- if extra work is required to resize or reorganise your data set(s) to make backing up possible or faster, the time for this is separately chargeable) @ £20.00 Per PC

Storage Account (Quota) Setup and annual renewal 25Gb - £20.00 / Year

Hard Drive Image Backup

Creation of Full Hard Drive Image - £48.75 Per Drive

This includes ALL volumes on a Hard Drive.

HDD Image Storage – This can form part of any Stroud Cloud space quota (if you already have some). Otherwise extra storage is available at the usual charge rate (£7.50 / 10Gb)

Stroud Cloud -  is not a replication service and so any corruption or malware encryption affecting your data will not over write data sets we hold that pre-date any infection.

We can help you to disinfect your machines and then restore your data without paying any ransome!

Ring me for a chat on 0757 900 1747, text or email us and I we will call you back.

'Ask me for Free':- Because I offer you 'Free Time' of up to 30 minutes for assessing how we can help, you can relax while we discuss your needs, without obligation!

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1) "We have used their services for both our businesses and always received prompt, efficient & friendly service at a fair price." Lief Financial Services & Village Therapies - Whiteshill.

2) Thank you so much for your help in saving my computer after the “blue screen of death” appeared ... for repairing my laptop and getting it running like silk better than it has been for the last year or so. - In appreciation Louise.

3) "I'm blind and use a screen reading system to access my computer. Greg Dance was recommended to me by another blind person, as he has learned about speech systems, an area in which he specialises. I find him extremely helpful, patient, thorough and reliable. He's really helped me to get the most out of my computer, and I'm very grateful for all that he's done." - MK Nailsworth Glos.

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