Rates & Fixed Charges

Charges for General Work

Hourly = 35.00*

Half Day = 112.50 (28.13 per hour for 4-8 hours worked in one session)*

Full Day = 197.50 (24.69 per hour for 8 hours worked in one session)*

*Excludes up to 30 minutes for discussion of your needs.

Charges include 1 follow up phone call for assistance if the cause is connected to the repair work done, an additional charge for non fault repair related subsequent enquiries may be charged at my discretion.

Remote Control or Telephone, Advised Consultancy or Repairs = 30.00 per hour

Support & Advisory Services with Support Agreement - Via Telephone or Broadband

126 per machine per year (same as 10.50 per month

This covers remote connected restorative work where a reliable broadband & local network connection is possible, should this not be possible then a visit would be required which would be charged at a lower hourly / half day / Full day rate. This is a discount of 10% off rates shown above.

Some occasional maintenance work is included in this agreement and includes checks, small adjustments to settings, verification of defence software (AV, Anti Malware, Security Updates serviceability) Not including supply of paid software. It can also include casual guidance enquiries.

Limitations:- Up to a maximum of 2 calls and/or connections per month, extra calls may be charged at my discretion.

Job Rates

To assist you with an idea of likely costs you may incur of a completed job, or completion of work you require up to a certain stage. I have produced a Job Price Estimate Guide (below).

The reason for it being an estimate only is because in common with many other professions it is not possible to fully assess a jobs work time for various technical reasons.

If you inform me of any limitations you wish to apply to the job cost I will be happy to discuss these with you before work begins. Note:- I cannot be held liable for work already done being retrospectively deemed unaffordable, therefore you must make limitations clear before work begins.

To assure you of how my time is charged I offer you the following assurances;

Device Fault Identification and Reporting

To identify a fault (or faults) on a device I will make a flat rate charge of 20 per device investigated in one session. This would apply also to a network to which multiple devices were attached and experiencing a single fault condition, (only one charge is made).

Should separate systems have issues without a common cause (with regard to the symptoms) then a subsequent additional charge(s) of 15 each device may be made at my discretion if identified during the same visit.

Long Scans or System Testing

Time will be charged only to disassemble, scan set up and reassemble / restore a system to its original state before work commenced.

Therefore time is not charged for the duration of longer term tasks such as diagnostic scanning (repair scans, or Anti Virus / Malware scans) or similar longer term tasks.

Time will be charged however for remedial work based on the outcomes of discovered issues or other associated investigative work relevant to the reported issue(s) of the machine or system.

Where possible I will coincide scans with other work as required to minimise downtime or disruption and speed up the overall jobs completion. Where this occurs my normal hourly/half day or full day rates will apply.

Travel Costs (if applicable)

Time is not charged for travelling to your premises, but if subsequent visits are required or if I need to purchase components relevant to your repair to complete the work(s), I will charge 50p per mile and 10 per hour for my time.

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1) "We have used their services for both our businesses and always received prompt, efficient & friendly service at a fair price." Lief Financial Services & Village Therapies - Whiteshill.




2) Thank you so much for your help in saving my computer after the “blue screen of death” appeared ... for repairing my laptop and getting it running like silk better than it has been for the last year or so. - In appreciation Louise.




3) "I'm blind and use a screen reading system to access my computer. Greg Dance was recommended to me by another blind person, as he has learned about speech systems, an area in which he specialises. I find him extremely helpful, patient, thorough and reliable. He's really helped me to get the most out of my computer, and I'm very grateful for all that he's done." - MK Nailsworth Glos.




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